Abyss. The best way to save links for later.

I’ve built Abyss to be the best read later app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Built from the ground up with privacy in mind, Abyss doesn’t require you to log in on any external service. Everything happens on your device, and thanks to iCloud, your data is synced between all your devices and it’s safely stored. Categorize your links by tags, add notes to remember why you saved them, search instantly on your entire library or download an offline copy of a website. Download it for free on the App Store.

Key Features


Aren’t you tired of having to create accounts in some websites just to save your links? Well Abyss fixes such issue. You’ll never have to sign in into any external service because all your data is safely stored on your own personal iCloud account and only you have access to it.

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You shouldn’t have to wait when you’re searching for something. Because all your data is stored on your device, searching for a link based on its title, URL or note is lightning fast. And not just searching, the entire app is fine tuned to run buttery smooth on all your devices.


Have I mentioned that all your data is stored on your iCloud account? This has the benefit that your data will magically appear on all your devices. Everything that you save on your  will also appear on your Mac and on your iPad without you having to do anything.


Are you going on a trip and do you want to make the most of sitting on a plane with no cellular connection? Abyss allows you to save any link offline, creating an offline copy of the entire website. This is also useful if you want to always have access to a resource, even if it’s deleted by the original author.


Abyss is your own internet archive where you go back to find anything that you previously saved. Because your library can grow unbounded, Abyss allows you to create tags and assign them to links, add notes so you can explain to your future self why you saved that link or simply mark links as favorites for quick access.


Abyss has a ton of settings that you can customize to change the behavior to fit your needs. You can choose to open links in Safari or using an In-App Browser, enable or disable the Reader View, choose the Theme that better suits your needs, show the unread count on the app icon badge, etc.